Study Guide

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Trust


In order to make Anakin lose faith in his beloved Jedi, Chancellor Palpatine works to erode his trust in Obi-Wan and the Council, effectively isolating Anakin and paving the path for his conversion to the dark side.

At the same time, Anakin's closeness with the Chancellor leads to a healthy dose of distrust from the Council, making the situation insanely tense. Throw in some political intrigue and matters of the heart, and you've got yourself some trust issues all through the fabric of the film.

Questions About Trust

  1. Does Anakin fully trust the Jedi Council at the beginning of the movie? How does his trust in the Council change throughout the film?
  2. Would you say Anakin is too trusting or not trusting enough?
  3. What are the different relationships that become strained by a lack of trust?

Chew on This

If the Council had been completely open with Anakin instead of keeping him at arm's length, he wouldn't have felt the need to rely on Chancellor Palpatine as a mentor.

The Council was open with Anakin, but Chancellor Palpatine is just a really good manipulator.