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Seven Samurai Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

You Call This a Welcome?

  • Manzo tells his daughter Shino to dress up as a boy, lest she tempt the arriving samurai with her fetching beauty (always the ladies' fault, isn't it?).
  • The samurai arrive in the village, only to be greeted with fear by the people they're here to save (like food and work, gratitude was also scarce at this time).
  • They visit Gisaku, who tells them to forgive the farmers their fear.
  • The alarm bell goes off and everyone freaks out. Kambei demands to know who rang the bell when no one can identify an actual threat.
  • Turns out, it was Kikuchiyo, pointing out to the peasants that they really need these warriors and maybe they should stop treating them like something they dug out from the sole of their shoes.
  • Kambei agrees to let Kikuchiyo act as their lucky number seven.

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