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Seven Samurai Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

Burn Baby, Burn!

  • Kyuzo, Heihachi, Kikuchiyo and Rikichi head out to the bandits' fortress.
  • They set the fortress on fire and kill the bandits as they come out.
  • Rikichi's wife emerges from the flames too, only to run back inside when she spots him and perishes.
  • Heihachi is shot by another one of the bandits and dies. The seven samurai are down to six.
  • The bandits arrive in force to attack, bringing three guns with them.
  • In the midst of the attack, Gisaku tries to get back to his home: an old mill outside of the village defenses. Kikuchiyo dispatches Gisaku's son and daughter in law to get them back.
  • The bandits torch the outlying buildings, including the old man and the peasants who went to get him.
  • Gisaku's daughter-in-law staggers out of the burning buildings and hands her baby boy to Kikuchiyo. Weeping, Kikuchiyo claims that he too was orphaned at a young age, just like this baby.
  • The bandits continue their attack, but are driven back from the village. Kambei warns them all that a second attack will come.

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