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Seven Samurai Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

Bandit Attack, Take Two

  • Kyuzo heads out into the dark to procure one of the bandits' guns. He comes back with it in short order, having killed two more bandits in the process.
  • Katsushiro engages in some fairly intense hero worship of Kyuzo. Kyuzo accepts the compliment without commenting.
  • The bandits attack again. The villagers let one or two through and then cut off the rest, allowing the stray to be cut down with ease.
  • The attackers retreat again and Kikuchiyo takes it upon himself to steal another one of their guns.
  • He disguises himself with armor from one of the dead bandits, then sneaks into their camp and nabs the rifle, killing one of the bandits in the process.
  • He returns to the village, expecting to be praised. Instead, Kambei berates him for leaving his post without permission.
  • While he was gone, the bandits attacked and killed. Kambei sends reinforcements, and while they beat the bandits back again, Gorobei's killed in the process.
  • That night, Manzo goes looking for Shino and find her in the arms of her samurai lover.
  • He drags her out and beats her in front of the entire village. No Father's Day present for you, jerk.
  • At Kambei's behest, Manzo is forced to accept his daughter back.
  • Kambei warns the village that a last attack is on its way. That's gonna be the most dangerous, because the bandits will be good and desperate.

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