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Seven Samurai Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

In Which the Whole Thing Turns into the Mosh Pit at Coachella

  • The final battle begins in the pouring rain as the bandits attack full force.
  • Kambei uses his archery skills to cut down more bad guys, while his compatriots take the fight to the streets.
  • Bandits fall left and right, but their chief manages to hide in one of the village huts, taking a group of women hostage. Hey if he was classy, he wouldn't be a bandit.
  • From his hiding place, he shoots Kyuzo dead, then shoots Kikuchiyo as an encore.
  • Kikuchiyo has a surprise for him though. Despite being mortally wounded, he charges the bandit chief and kills him dead, ending the battle and dying a hero.
  • The peasants celebrate and return to planting their crops, while the three surviving samurai contemplate the dead.
  • Katsushiro is forced to watch while Shino leaves him behind to rejoin her village. They pass incredibly painful glances at each other as a way of saying good-bye.
  • Kambei opines that the farmers were the real winners, not the samurai. It's a bit of a downer from the winning side, but what are you gonna do?

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