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The Departed Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Colin walks into a police safe house while a huge crew of people is getting ready for a sting on Frank Costello.
  • Apparently, this is the night Costello is going to sell microprocessors to the Chinese.
  • Colin turns to his guys and asks if they knew anything about the sting, but it looks like everyone was in the dark until the last second.
  • Colin still makes time to call Frank and give him a heads up. He also knows for sure now that there's a rat somewhere in Frank's operation.
  • As the sting starts up, Colin learns that the FBI is monitoring all cell phone calls, so he uses texting in his pocket to tell Frank to have all his men turn off their phones.
  • Inside a dock building, Frank and his crew get down to dealing their microprocessors.
  • Meanwhile, Billy texts a dollar symbol to Queenan to let him know that the money for the deal is on site.
  • In a surprise move, Costello's crew and the Chinese gang leave the building on boats and head out into the harbor. When the cops realize this, Captain Ellerby punches one of the camera guys in the face for not putting up enough surveillance. It looks like the cops just lost their best chance at getting Costello.

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