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The Departed Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Billy hangs out in a rough bar while his cousin Sean tries to introduce him to Frank Costello's people. These guys remember Billy's uncle Jackie well and make a toast to his death, since he was killed by the rival Italians.
  • Meanwhile, Billy orders a cranberry juice at the bar and another guy talks smack to him. So Billy breaks a glass ashtray against his head and tries to hit him, but he's pulled away by Mr. French, Frank Costello's right-hand man, before he can inflict the damage.
  • French lays down the law and tells Billy that there are some people he can hit and some he can't—like people who are connected to the mob. He also tells Billy that he'll have to stop making drug deals with his cousin, or they're both going to get messed up. The only reason French isn't messing Billy up already is that French knows Billy's family well and likes them.
  • Billy agrees to let go of the drug deals, and Mr. French orders him a new cranberry juice.
  • French gives the smack-talker at the bar a few more punches before leaving.

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