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The Departed Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Back at the station, Colin sees that the cops are interrogating one of Costello's top men. The guy has paged a lawyer, but the lawyer hasn't shown up yet.
  • Colin decides to try the old impersonate-the-guy's-lawyer trick and walks into the interrogation room. The other cops think he's just being a total badass, but Colin uses the opportunity to tell the guy to give Frank Costello a heads up about a raid that's about to happen on one of his buildings.
  • Oh, yeah—and the secret password is: "Hi, Mom. I'm not going to be home for supper." Pretty poetic, eh?
  • Just like that, Mr. French pulls his guys out of a drug house and burns the place to the ground.
  • Back outside the interrogation room, Colin makes it look as though he just pulled some great info out of Fitzy, which is the name of the dude he's been talking to.
  • We see Billy accompany Mr. French on some really violent and intense jobs.
  • Meanwhile, Madolyn wakes up at Colin's apartment and tells him he's got nothing to be ashamed of for whatever happened in the bedroom between the two of them the night before.

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