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You Can't Take It With You Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • Mr. Anthony P. Kirby arrives at his office with lots of hustle and bustle amidst a gaggle of minions.
  • He goes upstairs importantly into an important meeting because he is important.
  • He pauses to greet his son Tony, who is very young and bored, but is still a vice president because he was clever enough to be the boss' son.
  • Mr. Kirby is back from Washington, where he got the government muckity mucks to agree to let him move forward on a monopoly of the munitions industry.
  • But to make it stick, Kirby needs to buy up all the property around his rival Ramsey's factory, thus forcing the poor schnook to sell.
  • Kirby calls his estate agent Blakely, who says he's got all the property except for one lone house. Kirby tells him he better get that houseā€”or else!
  • Kirby's kind of a super villain.

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