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You Can't Take It With You Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • The altercation is in all the newspapers, because in the past people were bored and had nothing to do but read about the personal affairs of munitions manufacturers.
  • And in the Sycamore house, everyone is sad. Alice is gone.
  • Tony shows up to ask if they know where she is; he's been searching for her without luck.
  • But they tell him to cut it out and go away; so off he goes back out into the rain (it always rains when things are sad.)
  • They get a very sad letter from Alice, who is lonely but feels like she can't come home.
  • Grandpa calls Mr. Blakely and offers to sell the house so they can all go and buy a place out of town with Alice.
  • Various businessmen are called and are all happy because now Mr. Kirby's deal has gone through.
  • But the people in the neighborhood are getting evicted.
  • They thought they were safe if Grandpa didn't sell, but he did sell.
  • Grandpa kind of screwed the neighbors over. (And after they bailed him out of jail, too.)

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