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You Can't Take It With You Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • We travel through the phone (whoosh) to Blakely's office, where Mr. Blakely is talking to his friend Bill.
  • Bill thinks it's really funny that this old crank won't sell. Don't tease Mr. Blakely, Bill. His eye twitches when you tease him.
  • But though Bill didn't think the old crank (Vanderhof) cared about money, it turns out Vanderhof has come to the building; he's in the outer office.
  • But Blakely is sly. He's going to make that Vanderhof cool his heels for a while, if he wants to get that money.
  • Then the camera heads out the door to find Vanderhof in the outer office.
  • Vanderhof (on crutches) is eating peanuts, because that's the kind of carefree guy he is.
  • He has a conversation with Poppins, one of the clerks, who is adding up numbers.
  • Vanderhof draws Poppins out, and gets him to admit he doesn't like adding numbers. He's rather make little musical bunny toys instead.
  • The whole office is wowed by the bunny toy, but then Blakely comes out and is cranky and everyone scatters.
  • Blakely tries to get Vanderhof to take a check for his houseā€¦ but Vanderhof just grins and tells Blakely that Blakely works too hard. Then Grandpa heads out to go to a school graduation.
  • Blakely is really annoyed (and who can blame him?) so he takes it out on poor Poppins, and almost throws his toy bunny to the ground.
  • Poppins grabs it though, and then decides to quit right there, scurrying after Vanderhof.
  • Poppins catches him in the elevator, and takes some peanuts.

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