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You Can't Take It With You Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • We're in Tony's office, where Alice is his secretary. The two flirt and flirt and flirt.
  • Tony kisses Alice, and just then Tony's mother walks in. Drama!
  • Mrs. Kirby adopts an air of wounded magnificence and gives her son a look of death.
  • Alice figures she's in big trouble. Big. Huge. It's a reasonable conclusion.
  • We bounce up to Mr. Kirby's office, where his wife is trying to convince him that Alice is a problem.
  • It's tricky because Kirby is so busy with his own business dealings he barely listens to her.
  • Meanwhile, back downstairs, Alice is ready to leave, but Tony grabs her and convinces her not to cancel on their date.
  • Tony is very charming and convincing. That's because he's Jimmy Stewart. No one is more charming and convincing than Jimmy Stewart.
  • There's lots more flirting, Then Tony proposes (awww.)
  • Alice is uncertain because of Tony's mother's earlier look of death, but Tony assures her his parents are putty in his hands, and that he can convince them.

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