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You Can't Take It With You Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Mr. and Mrs. Kirby prepare to head out for dinner with the Sycamores. They figure they'll humor Tony and he'll get over Alice.
  • The Kirbys aren't very nice. In case you didn't notice.
  • In the Sycamore house, Grandpa's playing the harmonica.
  • Ed is worried because he sees a person out the window. He thinks that this person has been following him (this is foreshadowing, Shmoopers.)
  • Alice slides down the banister and is all in a bustle to get dinner ready for the following night.
  • Cut back to a car where the Kirby's are coming. They are cranky. Crankiness is the Kirby way.
  • Meanwhile, the Sycamores are painting and dancing and generally going on in their chaotic way, when the doorbell rings.
  • It's the Kirbys. They've come on the wrong night. Whoops.
  • There is much awkwardness.
  • Really, they should just come back tomorrow… but then there wouldn't be zaniness, and it wouldn't be a comedy would it?
  • And it turns out Tony screwed up the days on purpose, because he wanted his family to meet the Sycamores as they are.
  • Let this be a warning to you Shmoopers; avoid honesty. Put on a false front whenever you can, or you'll end up alienating your sweetheart and making your parents uncomfortable.
  • The low point is probably when Kolenkhov decides to demonstrate wrestling by picking up Mr. Kirby and throwing him to the ground, breaking his glasses.
  • The Kirbys leave after that.
  • Or… they try to!
  • But then FBI agents show up.
  • Ed was printing notices about the "revolution" to advertise the fireworks show, and the police think he's really a radical Communist (folks were scared of Communists at the time.)
  • Whoops, and the police find the fireworks in the cellar. They bring up Mr. DiPenna before he can collect his pipe… and the pipe ignites the gunpowder.

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