Study Guide

Monster Chapter 10

By Walter Dean Myers

Chapter 10

The Trial/ Screenplay

  • Flashback #1: When Steve Found Out
    • Two women chat about the shooting; Steve is standing nearby with a basketball and can hear them. He starts walking, trotting, then running. The camera pans out until we can't see him anymore in the crowd of Harlem neighborhood residents.
    • The two women talk about how they wish they could move away, but there's nowhere else to go.
  • Flashback #2: The News Report
    • Jerry and Steve are watching the news in their home.
    • A neighborhood resident tells a newscaster that there's no surprise that the burglary/ murder happened. He says people get killed all the time.
    • Jerry changes the channel. Steve stares, fish-faced, at the TV.
  • Flashback #3: Steve's House, Two Weeks After the Shooting
    • Mrs. Harmon is relieved that the burglars were caught. She and Steve watch the updated news report, and even Mayor Giuliani gives his two cents.
    • Steve heads to his room and plays the stare game with the ceiling.
    • The doorbell rings.
    • It's Detectives Williams and Karyl. They need Steve for questioning.
    • Steve's mom asks what's going on, but they brush her off. She will have none of that and insists on coming—she just needs to grab her coat.
    • Jerry reaches out to Steve as the detectives cuff him and bring him to the patrol car. Off they go.
    • Mrs. Harmon rushes outside, looks around, and starts running down the street. And then she realizes that she doesn't even know where the detectives took Steve.
    • Not only did the cops not wait for her, they took her kid and didn't tell her where to. That is so not cool.