Study Guide

Monster Chapter 15

By Walter Dean Myers

Chapter 15


  • Steve writes that Sunday breakfast is not half bad in the slammer. One of the workers even smiles at Steve, but he's learned that you don't smile back in prison.
  • On this Sunday, there was supposed to be a church service, but a fight broke out instead. Two guys went at it until the guards broke it up; the guards didn't even seem to care, though.
  • After the fight, everyone is on lockdown until visiting hours.
  • Steve starts figuring out the whole violence thing: All the inmates really have is "surface stuff, how people look at you and what they say" (15.5); and if that's all they have, then it's worth protecting, even with fists.
  • After lockdown, they head to a rec area. Steve watches a baseball game, and it seems completely distant and unreal.
  • He looks out the window for Jerry. No kids are allowed inside—Steve would be too young to come in as a visitor, and yet he's locked up in here anyway.
  • He waves to Jerry through the window even though Jerry can't see him.
  • His parents visit one at a time and everyone tries to put on happy faces.
  • When they leave, Steve checks out his screenplay; he feels like the movie is more real than his life.
  • Or at least, he wishes it were.