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Apollo Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

You can't miss Apollo. He's handsome, clean-shaven and muscular with blonde hair. The god of light (and many other things) is extremely hard to miss, because a lot of times he's literally beaming. Don't be surprised if he's surrounded by a crowd of admirers when you find him.

Physical Description

Sex: Male
Age: Early 20s
Build: Slender, but fit
Complexion: Pale
Hair color: Golden brown
Facial hair: None; clean-shaven
Scars/marks/tattoos: None
Jewelry or accessories: A crown of laurel leaves, a lyre
Clothing: Nude, aside from the occasional scarves or wraps
Armor: None
Type of weapon: Bow and arrow

Typical Companions

  • Artemis, his twin sister
  • Eros (Cupid)
  • Daphne, a lovely nymph who becomes a tree
  • Python, a monster

Other Notes

Known hangouts: The god is known to frequently chase young women through forests.

Escape vehicle: Horse-drawn chariot, often pulling the sun behind it.

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