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Ares (Mars) - The Bullies

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The Bullies

In the schoolyard, Ares sits with all of the other bullies. They crack their knuckles, scanning the campus for an unsuspecting victim. A fight is bound to break out any minute. These guys are the gods of war.

Mars (Roman)

When the Romans take over, Ares becomes Mars. Mars remains the god of war, but he's a bit more popular than before. He is a patron of farmers and likes agriculture. He also is known as the father of the twins Romulus and Remus, who were thrown into the Tiber as babies and then raised by a wolf. Romulus is said to have built the city of Rome, kick-starting the Roman Empire.

Tyr (Norse)

Tyr is Odin's (the Norse king of the gods) sidekick. He was originally the brave and powerful Germanic god of war. When the Vikings come along, Odin takes over as the god of war, and Tyr becomes his right-hand man. Tyr is sometimes considered to be Odin's son, and sometimes he is considered to be his father. When Odin locks up the vicious wolf Fenrir, Tyr takes care of him. Fenrir bites off Tyr's right hand, so he is often depicted with only one hand. He inspires bravery on the battlefield.

Agurzil (Berber)

Agurzil is the war god of the Berber people (North Africa). He is often depicted as having the head of a bull.

Huitzilopochtli (Aztec)

Often depicted as a hummingbird, Huitzilopochtli is the Aztec god of war. He is also sometimes known as the sun god, in charge of giving life and making things grow. A very violent god, Huitzilopochtli murdered his sister, casting her head into the sky. Her head became the moon.

The Morrigan (Irish Celtic)

The Irish Celtic goddess of war, battle, and fertility is one powerful deity. Sometimes, she is considered to be three people, other times just one. She had incredible shape-shifting abilities and is often depicted as a crow.

Chi You (Chinese)

Chi You was the powerful warrior god of China, also known to be incredibly wise. He descended from one of the three great emperors of the Chinese mythology.

Anhur (Egyptian)

The temperamental Egyptian god of war was also the god of creativity.

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