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Argus was a popular name back in the day. Don't get Argus Panoptes, the many-eyed giant, confused with any of the following: Argus, the shipwright who built the Argo; Argus, the original king of Argos; or Argus, Odysseus's faithful dog. (Source.)

Argus Filch, the grumpy caretaker of Hogwarts, may or may not be able to see through the eye of his cat, Mrs. Norris. Could Filch be "all seeing" like the giant he's named after, despite the fact that he's a squib?

In an episode of 30 Rock called "Argus," a hundred-eyed giant eats Alec Baldwin. (Not really. But the episode does have that title!)

In the world of DC Comics, Argus is the name of a superhero who can see beyond the visible light spectrum and can re-grow his eyes when they're gouged out. (We bet the real Argus wishes he'd had the power to re-grow his head.)

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