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Artemis (Diana) - Abstinence Club (Virgin Goddesses)

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Abstinence Club (Virgin Goddesses)

Some people wear promise rings to say that they won't give up their V-card until they get married. Others swear they'll never take those promise rings off. Artemis and her sworn-virgin friends have better things to do than waste their time worrying about boys. Instead of spending energy on love notes and dating, these ladies spend time on bettering themselves.


Like Artemis, this Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare swore off males for life. You seriously didn't want to test Athena on this either. Dudes that tried to get in her armor definitely paid for their disrespect. Both Athena and Artemis have serious anger-management issues when it comes to men who hit on them.

Hestia (Vesta)

The Greek goddess of the hearth is also a sworn virgin. The Romans renamed her Vesta, and some young Roman girls followed her example by becoming Vestal Virgins, swearing to remain chaste for 39 years. Just like Artemis, Hestia appreciated virgin followers.

Virgin Mary

Mary has to be in this clique, right? She's got virgin in her name. This chaste woman is most famous for giving birth to Jesus without having relations with any mortal man. Instead, God impregnated her with his son from on high – a little process known as immaculate conception. The conception of Jesus has been compared to that of the Greek hero Perseus, who was conceived when Zeus came to virginal Danaë as a golden shower.

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