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Athena (Minerva) Spotter's Guide

Spotter's Guide

You really can't miss Athena. She's always wearing gleaming golden armor, with a giant crest jutting from her helmet. A lot of times, she carries a shield with Medusa's snake-haired head plastered on it. (Yeah, she can be a little morbid at times.)

Physical Description

Sex: Female
Age: 20s
Build: Muscular
Complexion: Pale
Hair color: Light brown
Facial hair: None
Scars/marks/tattoos: None
Jewelry and accessories: Medusa's head mounted on armor around her shoulders
Clothing: Toga, or other flowing clothing
Armor: Plumed helmet, breastplate, and shield
Type of weapon: Spear

Typical Companions

  • Soldiers
  • Groups of young women
  • Owls

Other Notes

Known hangouts: Athena is often found on the battlefield, emerging from Zeus' skull, or even floating in the air. She's known to frequent Athens, Greece, and is sometimes seen near olive trees.