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Athena (Minerva) - The Valedictorians

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The Valedictorians

You probably won't find Athena in the schoolyard eating lunch. She'll be in the library, reading books and learning all there is to know about war. She's not alone, though. Lots of cultures have brainy gods of wisdom.

Minerva (Roman)

Minerva is the Roman equivalent of the Greeks' Athena. Like Athena, she is the goddess of war, wisdom, the arts, and commerce. She also becomes more heavily associated with medicine and music.

Odin (Norse)

The Norse king of the gods is both the god of wisdom and war. He's far more intellectual than the Greek king of the gods, Zeus, which makes him quite similar to Athena.

Saraswati (Hindu)

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of wisdom and the arts. She has four arms and is often depicted with a stringed instrument called a veena, playing the music of love and life.

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