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Banebdjed - The Beautiful Ones

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The Beautiful Ones

If there’s one thing gods and goddesses appreciate, it’s beauty. Fortunately, there’s a group at school that’s all about beauty: fashion, makeup, and anything that adds to sex appeal. They don't officially have room for a ram-headed god, but the clique keeps Banebdjed around as an honorary aesthetics judge.

Aphrodite (Venus)

She rose out of the sea on a shell, naked except for the foam on the wave that birthed her. Can anything else be as beautiful as Greece’s Titaness of love, beauty, and everything sexy? Banebdjed’s certainly enjoying the view.


Banebdjed convinced ancient Egypt’s reigning beauty queen to join the clique, so now she gets to spend her time sharing hair tips, getting manicures from Aphrodite’s nymphs, and hanging out with the gorgeous goddess crowd. She couldn’t be happier!

Queen Maeve

The Celtic Queen of Connaught is definitely hot. She’s also a pirate, and she likes to kill her lovers. But she’s hot, so people tend to forget that other stuff. Last we’d heard, Aphrodite started comparing notes… which might not go so well for the Greeks.

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