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Sex Ed

Someone has to teach about the birds and the bees. Why not the gods with the most… experience? Banebdjed doesn’t mind sharing the details, along with these other gods who know all about love.

Frey (Freyr)

When the Norse named Frey the god of hospitality, they weren’t kidding. Frey’s idea of hospitality is making sure everybody’s fertile, from the land to all the women who live in it, including his own twin sister, Freyja.

Zeus (Jupiter)

Sometimes the king of Olympus is a better role model for how not to act with women, but at the same time, truth is, Zeus just knows a lot of ladies. In a biblical sense. Can’t say he doesn’t have experience.

The Dagda

So he’s not the hottest god, but Ireland’s resident pantsless lumberjack is a hit with the ladies. Dagda’s also good at teaching, so the clique often lets him lead class. It helps that he gets to be behind the lectern, so nobody can see his… axe.

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