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Bes - Drum Circle

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Drum Circle

These guys love banging on trashcans, bongos, buckets—whatever's available, so long as they can jam together. Besides, who doesn't love a little—or a lot—of percussion every now and then?


The Japanese god of thunder, Raijin makes a lot of noise. Besides huffing and puffing to create a ruckus, he loves to play the drums during storms, which accounts for all of the noise of thunder when it rains. He and Bes often duet on Rolling Stones tunes or classic Beatles songs.


This Afro-Brazilian god of war loves nothing more than going into battle—well, almost nothing. You can find him enjoying himself most when his worshippers bang out a tune in his honor on their drums. Ogum will start breakdancing in celebration. And even though Bes makes fun of him for this, Ogum does the Worm quite well.


Dionysus, Greek god of wine, theater, and revelry, never goes anywhere without an entourage. His groupies are the Bacchae, who delight in making a ton of noise to celebrate the Party King. They bang on drums, shout, and do the Macarena at every opportunity. Wouldn't you if your master was someone as cool as Dionysus?

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