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Bes - Short Stacks

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Short Stacks

These fellows are on the petite side, but that doesn't stop them from towering over their competition in terms of power and influence. They'll sit on high stools to crow over their accomplishments or belly-flop into Bes's personal swimming pool.


This Norse dwarf might have been little in stature, but he was also big in brains. He was engaged to marry the god Thor's daughter, Trud, but Thor didn't think much of this little fella. Thor came up with a super-long trivia challenge that lasted overnight, which Alviss had to win to marry Trud. Alviss answered all the questions correctly, but because he was a dwarf, he turned into stone once the sun came up the next day. The other little guys take turns sitting on him and tickling him through his stone skin.


When the Hindu god Vishnu decides to come to Earth, he usually takes different incarnations or avatars. His fifth avatar was Vamana, a dwarf who came down to save the day when the giant Bali seized up all the gods' land. Vamana begged Bali to give him all the land he could cover in three steps. Bali agreed, but Vamana turned himself into a mega-giant and walked around the whole Earth in one step, bounced up to the sky in the other, and crushed Bali with his third step.


Bes and Sukuna are big rivals: they're both gods of little folk in their respective cultures. Lucky for Bes, Sukuna lives far away in Japan. His BFF is healer and magician Okuninushi, whom he helped become a god even though Okun was a little-regarded youngest sibling (one of 80 brothers). In his spare time, Sukuna likes planting flowers and bandaging up wounded ones.

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