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Bes Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

Trying to find Bes? He's most likely hard at work, scaring off malevolent spirits from local homes or watching over moms-to-be. He's pretty hard to miss, considering he's got a lion-esque beard and is much shorter than the average god.

Sex: Male
Age: Fifties
Build: Short—I barely top three feet
Complexion: Tan
Hair Color: Dark
Facial Hair: Lion-like beard
Scars/marks/tattoos: None
Jewelry and accessories: I carry a drum to make awesome tunes
Clothing: Panther skin; a kilt; feathery crown
Armor: None
Type of Weapon: None

Typical Companions:

Families (how can I protect them if I can't get near them?)

Known Hangouts:

Birthing rooms
Hathor's temples
Sets of music videos

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