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The Birth of Perseus Exile

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When Acrisius locks his daughter away, it can totally be seen as a form of exile. Though Danae hasn't left her hometown of Argos, she has been cast out of her former life. Later, when her mean old dad locks her and baby Perseus in a chest and throws them in the sea, she's exiled out right from her homeland. Interestingly, Danae eventually can only find freedom in exile, when she takes up residence on the little island of Serifos. Sure, Serifos is in the middle of nowhere compared to Argos, but at least she doesn't have psycho Acrisius, trying to lock her up all the time. For Danae, exile has become a good thing.

Questions About Exile

  1. Why does Acrisius exile his daughter and grandson?
  2. Do any of the other characters in the story experience exile besides Danae and Perseus? Explain your answer.
  3. In what ways is exile a good thing for Danae and Perseus?
  4. Just to play Devil's advocate, make an argument for why Acrisius might be justified in exiling Danae and Perseus.

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