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Bran the Blessed - Bird is the Word

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Bird is the Word

Who doesn't love a good raven or crow? These folks hang out with a flock or two of these black birds every day. Odin might shape-shift to take flight, while Bran makes sure to check up that the ravens are always present on Tower Hill to help protect England.


Odin's two right-hand men are his pet ravens, Huginn and Muninn. They sit one on each of his shoulders, whispering advice into his ears. This multi-talented Norse god is the king of the northern deities and master of war, wisdom, and poetry. He likes giving his ravens pieces of his peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches when they get hungry.


Simply named and simply tricky. Raven is a Native American trickster god. He gets into catfights with another tricksy god, Coyote, but the Haida tribe honors Raven the most by saying he dug up the first humans stuck in a clam shell. In his spare time, Raven likes stealing shiny things and hooking up with lovely ladies.


In Chinese myth, Sanzuwu is a three-legged crow that hangs out inside the sun itself. When it gets a bit hot up there, he flies around, delivering messages or serving as a judge in human courts. If you're lucky, you might be able to catch a ride on his back to soar the skies.

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