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Bran the Blessed - Headless Hotties

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Headless Hotties

These guys and gals might've lost their noggins in the course of battle, but that doesn't mean they're not at the head of their classes. Some keep talking after their heads fall off, while others fall silent for a time. Either way, these dudes and dudettes know how to get ahead in life.

Lajja Gauri

The Indian goddess Lajja Gauri might not have a head, but she's got a lovely shape to make up for her lack of a noggin. She's associated with creation, which explains why she's always naked—which Bran the Blessed absolutely loves. If you're having a bout of bad luck, call on Lajja, since she's the bestower of good fortune, too.


You might know Orphy best from his doomed love affair with Eurydice, but did you also know that he's quite the head case? He was sulking around after losing Eurydice when Dionysus's followers, the wild Maenads, wanted to hang with him. When he refused, they ripped him apart and threw his head into the water. His noggin kept on chattering away, though, and it landed on the island of Lesbos.


When a war broke out between two groups of Norse gods, the wise deity Mimir, a member of the Aesir pantheon, was sent as a hostage to the rival Vanir gods. Mimir's friend, Hoenir, became a superstar among the Vanir, but he kept Mimir as a really close advisor. Some of the Vanir got jealous and beheaded Mimir. Since then, Mimir remained a wise god, since Odin made sure to preserve his head, and he's now an advisor to the king of the gods.

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