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Bran the Blessed Sightings

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Dec 20, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019

The Welsh Triads

Bran may've gotten decapitated, but his head was put to good use. According to this 14th-century document, His noggin lies under the White Hill in London, facing France, so nobody invades Britain.

Dec 20, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019

The Book of Taliesin

The bard Taliesin was BFFs with Bran. Tali recalls grieving over Branny when B died in Ireland.

Dec 20, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019

The Mabinogion

Bran is the hero to his damsel-in-distress of a sister, Branwen. In the Mabinogion, when Branwen's hubby, the king of Ireland, treats her poorly, Bran invades Ireland, but gets his head knocked off in the process.

Dec 20, 1988


Lawhead's Merlin loves to reminisce about Britain in the good old days. In some ways, the narrator thinks, Britain hadn't changed much since Bran's days. If only he could see it today…

Dec 20, 2019

Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs by Ralph Ellis

What is it with Bran and Jesus? Ellis hops on the Christianity theory, claiming Bran was one of the first popes of the Catholic Church.

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