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Cephalus and Procris Eos

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First, let's get a rundown on Eos. It was this beautiful, golden-winged goddess's job to disperse the dark mists of night every morning, making way for her brother, Helios, to drive his gleaming sun chariot across the sky. When she wasn't on the job, Eos spent pretty much all her time seducing and carrying off young men.

That's right: Cephalus isn't the only hunky hunter to end up in the dawn goddess's clutches. Check out some of her other exploits in our "Police Reports" section for the sneaky lady.

Okay, so Eos causes a lot of problems for Cephalus, but she's not totally unreasonable—after all, she does eventually let him go back to his wife. Of course, then she plants suspicion in his mind that his wife has been unfaithful, causing a cycle of suspicion that eventually leads to Procris's accidental death at Cephalus's hand. Okay, so maybe she is totally unreasonable.

In the end, Eos's lust for Cephalus brings nothing but trouble into the mortal couple's world.

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