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Cerberus - The Dawg Pound

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The Dawg Pound

This pack of divine canines runs rampant all over school. One time they snuck into the cafeteria at night, and it took the lunch ladies like a week to clean up. It was bad—trash, food, venom, and hellfire all over the place. Yeah, the pooches that run in Cerberus's pack definitely prove that dogs shouldn't be allowed at school. If you think stepping in a pile of regular puppy poo is bad, imagine stepping in the stuff a hellhound leaves behind.


This two-headed dog is Cerberus's brother. Like his bro, Orthrus is employed as a watchdog. Instead of herding ghosts, though, this pooch is in charge of watching over Geryon the Giant's red cattle. Also like Cerberus, Orthrus had a run-in with Heracles, who was sent to snatch Geryon's cattle as one his 12 labors.


Even the gods were freaked out by this giant wolf from Norse mythology. It took Odin and pals three tries to figure out how to make a rope strong enough to hold the vicious creature. Even then, Fenrir managed to bite off the arm of Tyr, a warrior god. Unfortunately, it's foretold that Fenrir's rope won't hold forever. During Ragnarok, the final battle at the end of the world, Fenrir will break his binding and swallow Odin whole. We're guessing this will make Loki, Fenrir's father who hates Odin, pretty proud of his poochy son.

Garm (Garmr)

This doggy from Norse mythology is a whole lot like Cerberus. He might not have three heads and a mane of snakes, but Garm is big and mean, and he guards the gates of Hel. Yeah, we spelled it right—only one hockey stick. Unlike the Christian Hell, which is mega-hot and full of sinners, the Norse Hel is freezing and filled with the souls of people who lead boring lives. Like Fenrir, Garm will break his chains during Ragnarok, but he'll be killed by Tyr. Not the best life for this pooch.


Anubis is an Egyptian god with the head of a pointy eared dog. Like Cerberus, Anubis is associated with the Underworld. But instead of just being a watchdog, Anubis was in charge of the whole place; until Osiris came along and took over his job, at least. These days, Anubis spends his time weighing the souls of the dead. If your soul is lighter than a feather, Anubis leads you to Osiris and the promise of everlasting life.


These brother gods of the Australian aborigines took the form of dingoes, or wild dogs. Before the Bagadjimbiri came along, humans were genderless and had no sexual organs of any kind. The Bagadjimbiri took it upon themselves to improve humanity by making sex organs out of mushrooms. (Who knew?) Later the dingo brothers were killed by a cat spirit, but their mother got revenge by drowning the spirit in her own milk. But, wait, there's more! The Bagadjimbiri were then resurrected and became rain snake spirits in the clouds. Is it just us, or is Aboriginal Australian mythology awesome?


Hecate is kind of like the queen of this doggy clique. She's a big fan of pups of all kinds (even the demonic ones), and she can often be seen walking around at night with a couple poochy pals. The goddess is associated with watchdogs in particular; her doggy buddies have been given credit for many a warning of danger in the night.

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