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Spotter's Guide

You look a little too alive to want to hang out with Charon. He pretty much only chills with the souls of the dead. You'll find him on the border of the Underworld, ferrying the dead across the River Acheron. Or was it the River Styx? People say both things. I get confused. Anyway, I've never met Charon, but everybody says he's a really grumpy guy, who's not much fun to talk to. The only thing he gets excited about is the coins that each soul gives him. I have no idea why he wants all those coins--all he wears is old ratty robes, but it's none of my business. So, if you're determined to hang out with the Ferryman, you'll have to go down to the borderlands of Hades and get in line behind a ton of ghosts. If you want my advice, though, you'll find somebody else to chill with. Sooner or later, everybody meets Charon anyway.

Sex: Male
Age: Super Old
Build: Scrawny
Complexion: Very Pale
Hair Color: Gray/White
Facial Hair: Beard
Jewelry and accessories: None
Clothing: Ratty black robes and something covering his head
Armor: None
Type of Weapon: Rowing pole a.k.a. an oar (more like a transportation accessory)

Typical Companions:

  • The souls of the dead
  • Hermes
  • Thanatos
  • Cereberus
  • Hades

Known Hangouts:

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