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What would Chiron's human name be? Well, according to John Updike, it's George Caldwell. In The Centaur, Updike puts a modern spin on the life of Chiron, turning him into a high school science teacher.

Think a half man-half horse can't be good-lookin'? Think again. Chiron is played by the one and only Pierce Brosnan in the film version of The Lightning Thief.

A certain Hermann Goldschmidt once discovered a moon of Saturn, which he named Chiron. Yay! Later, though, it was discovered that the moon was actually a comet or an asteroid. Boo. Well, actually, a comet or an asteroid ain't half bad.

In astrology, the planetoid (yes, that's a real world) known as Chiron is thought of as the "wounded healer" and signifies the deep wounds that we can carry within us. Deep indeed.

Chiron has a particularly wicked namesake in Shakespeare's bloody tragedy Titus Andronicus. And it doesn't end well for our boy Chiron in this one.

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