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Chiron - The Teachers

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The Teachers

Chiron is one of those guys who seems like he was never actually a student: he's a teacher through and through. His head is stuffed full of all kinds of knowledge, and he likes nothing better than to pass that on to the burgeoning heroes around him. Luckily, the wise centaur isn't the only member of this group. Students, you're in good hands.


This Titan was one of the most important teachers of all time: he was said to have taught humanity the secret of fire. Fire! (He would have been helpful on Survivor.) Unfortunately, he did this against the strict orders of Zeus, and so the king of the gods put him in the time out of all time outs: he was bound to a rock where birds came everyday to feast on his liver. Each night, his liver would regenerate so that the birds would have a tasty snack for the next day. Wow, that Zeus just had no respect for education.


This deity from the Gilbert Islands was said to have taught the people all kinds of helpful things: navigating, building houses, seeing the future—you name it, and this guy passed it on. As the son of the Sun itself, Bue had the inside scoop on a ton of different subjects, and he was more than happy to share.


This goddess was the creator of, well, everything for the people of New Guinea and Melanesia. After she was done making everything there ever was, she came down to teach human beings all they needed to know to survive. Pretty helpful, don't you think?

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