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Culhwch - Pig Boys

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Pig Boys

Who doesn't love a good squeaker? These folks enjoy hunting boar and other hogs while running around the woods with their warrior friends. When they can, they chase those little piggies all the way home.


Girls can hunt with the boys, too. The Greek huntress Atalanta accompanied the best male heroes to kill a monster who was destroying the forests of Caledon. Even though everyone got a fair shot at the Caledonian boar, the Arcadian prince Meleager stuck his spear in it and gave Atalanta the boar's skin.


One night, the Irish warrior Diarmuid went to bed and heard a dog howling. Using his hunting instincts, he ran into the woods and found the Boar of Ben Bulben. That was one magical pig, though, which killed ol' Diarmuid.

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