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Culhwch - Questing Heroes

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Questing Heroes

These guys love to cruise around their homelands, searching for their long lost loves and buried treasure. They take their sidekicks along for the ride and mount their steeds in pursuit of epic journeys. Don't be surprised if there are a few bro moments along the way.


Persy went on the defense when an evil king wanted to marry his mom. He fetched the monster Medusa's head, which turned anyone who looked at it to stone, and he rescued his mama from danger. Perseus can be found dishing on the latest gossip with his pals and flexing his biceps.


Who's afraid of getting old? Gilgamesh, that's who. This Mesopotamian hero went searching for the secret to immortality after his best friend Enkidu kicked the bucket. After a long journey through the Underworld, Gilgy finally realized that he needed to value his time left on Earth and lived happily ever after.


Like Culhwch, Jason went on a quest and wound up finding love. Thankfully, Culhwch didn't get saddled with a witch like Medea and a useless golden ram's fleece. While Medea's off nagging her hubby about when he'll be home for dinner, Jason is out drinking with the crew of the Argo.

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