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Eros (Cupid) - The Matchmakers

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The Matchmakers

Cupid/Eros is that free-spirited guy in class who loves to laugh and play jokes. He spreads gossip like wildfire, making and breaking relationships around him. He loves love, sex, and intrigue.

Throughout time pretty much every polytheistic religion (religions that have many gods) that has ever existed has had some god that resembles Eros. The ancient legends and myths of almost every culture all over the world are full of stories of gods of lust, fertility, passion, desire, and love. Seems like these things have always been a fundamental part of who we are as human beings.


One of the closest parallel figures shows up in Hindu tradition. The god Kama, or Kamadeva, is a whole lot like Eros. (Ever heard of The Kama Sutra? Guess who that's named after.) Just like Eros, Kama was considered the god of sensual desire. Very interestingly, he was also said to have a bow and arrow with which he inspired hanky-panky all over India. Kama's arrows, however, were said to be made of flowers.

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