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Cyclopes Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

You really should think hard before you go looking for a Cyclops. Those guys are known for having really nasty tempers... like really nasty tempers. They also, um, eat people, so that's probably even more of a concern. If you're dead set on it, though, they won't be too hard to find. They are giants, after all, so it's kind of difficult for them to hide. You can tell Cyclopes from other giants because they only have one big eye in the middle of their foreheads. Seriously, though, be careful. Otherwise, you might just end up being a tasty snack.

Sex: Males
Age: Differs, usually look middle-aged
Build: Majorly built—they're giants, after all
Complexion: Tanned, weathered
Hair Color: Brown and matted, sometimes bald
Facial Hair: Bushy beards
Scars/marks/tattoos: Lots of battle scars
Jewelry and accessories: The occasional human skull
Clothing: Ragged loin cloths, dirty wool
Armor: Too tough for armor
Type of Weapon: Rocks, clubs

Typical Companions:

Other Cyclopes

Known Hangouts: 

Monster Truck Shows

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