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Daedalus - The People of Athens vs. Daedalus

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The People of Athens vs. Daedalus

Case Description: Complainants (the People of Athens) accuse Defendant (Daedalus) of first degree murder. Perdix, Daedalus' nephew, served as the inventor's apprentice for a time. Everything was great until Perdix started inventing things Daedalus had never thought of (e.g., the saw). Daedalus became jealous of his nephew and pushed him off the cliff of the Acropolis.

Case Status: Case closed. Daedalus was banished to the island of Crete for his crime. Perdix was saved by Athena who turned him into a partridge, a bird that always stays close to the ground. Some say that Athena also branded Daedalus with a bird tattoo to remind him of his horrible crime.

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