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Daedalus - King Minos vs. Daedalus

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King Minos vs. Daedalus

Case Description: Complainant (King Minos) accuses Defendant (Daedalus) of aiding and abetting in gross indecency. Minos' wife Pasiphae asked Daedalus to help her find a way to mate with a giant white bull that she had fallen in love with. Daedalus created a wooden cow that Pasiphae could hide inside; that way, she tricked the bull into thinking he was mating with one of his own kind. This union resulted in the monstrous, man-eating Minotaur.

Case Status: Case dismissed. Instead of lopping off Daedalus' head, Minos had him construct the Labyrinth, an impossible maze in which the Minotaur was imprisoned.

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