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Daedalus - Nerds

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No doubt about it... Daedalus is the king of the nerds. He's the captain of the chess club, he wins the science fair every year, he's in AP everything, and his SAT score would make valedictorians everywhere fall down and cry. Daedalus doesn't care what anybody thinks. He's a genius, and he's proud of it.


Athena is the smartest of all the smarties. She's the Greek goddess of wisdom, and she knows all there is to know about, well, everything. It's no wonder that some legends say that she is actually Daedalus' mother. It would totally make sense that he inherited all his brains from her. Of course, that legend does throw a wrench into the whole Athena being a virgin goddess thing. Hmmm.


This mild-mannered centaur is an expert in astrology, medicine, archery, and pretty much everything else. He was so smart that a bunch of famous Greek heroes, like Jason and Achilles, are said to have studied under him when they were kids. This guy is definitely the smartest half-man half-horse that ever galloped the earth.


This super-wise god from the Gilbert Islands teaches his people all kinds of helpful tricks. Navigating, building houses, seeing the future—you name it, and this guy passes it on. As the son of the Sun, Bue has the inside scoop on a ton of different subjects, and he doesn't mind sharing.


This Irish Celtic goddess is the mother of Tuatha-De-Dannan, the original people of Ireland. Like all good mothers, she is wise beyond belief. If you ever need a cup of chicken soup and some motherly advice, she's the goddess to turn to.


This guy is a giant from Norse mythology who supposedly knows it all. His head got chopped off, but thanks to some hocus-pocus from Odin, Mimir's head is alive and kicking (well, maybe not kicking.) Anyway, if you have a burning desire to seek some wisdom from a giant talking head, head on down to the Spring of Knowledge by the Yggdrasil Tree. Just Google Map it. You'll find it, no problem.

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