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Eos (Aurora) - Procris vs. Eos

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Procris vs. Eos

Case Description: Complainant (Procris) accuses Defendant (Eos) of kidnapping. When Eos saw Cephalus, Procris' husband, hunting on a mountaintop, the goddess of dawn just couldn't resist the sexy young mortal. The next thing Cephalus knew, he was being carried into the sky by Eos.

Case Status: Case closed. Cephalus chilled with Eos for a while, and she even had some kids with him. He never got over Procris, though, so eventually Eos reluctantly took him back to her.

Addendum: Unfortunately, the happy reunion wasn't happy for very long. Not long after Cephalus returned, he killed Procris with a javelin in a hunting accident.

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