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Fergus mac Roich - Ailill vs. Fergus

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Ailill vs. Fergus

Case description: Ailill, king of Connacht, accuses Fergus mac Roich of adultery with Ailill's wife, Maeve. Fergus was such a coward that he let Maeve seduce him away from his traditional lord, Conchobar mac Nessa of Ulster. As they say, he "preferred the buttocks of a woman [ MY woman] to his own people."

Case status: Dismissed. Ailill got jealous when he saw Fergus and Maeve together one day, so he had his brother Lugaid kill Fergus while the latter was washing up in a lake. Fergus's estate decided not to pursue action against Ailill in exchange for Ailill dropping all charges against Fergus's descendants.

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