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Fergus mac Roich - Side-Switchers

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Isn't it boring to keep your allegiance to just one king? These folks couldn't resist working for one political faction, then running across the world to help their former enemies. If variety is the spice of life, it definitely keeps their cafeteria lunches lively.

Helen of Troy

Who doesn't know the lovely Helen? Born a princess of Sparta and married to King Menelaus, Helen had it all—a kingdom, a loving husband, and a daughter. She gave it all up, though, by running off with pretty boy Paris of Troy, causing a ten-year war in the process. Talk about wreaking havoc! Barely anyone in the lunchroom, except Fergus and co., will sit with her.


The Norse trickster Loki is a slippery eel of a god. Loki engineered a scheme by which the god of beauty, Balder, was offed, and even refused to mourn Balder's loss. When Thor went on a road trip, Loki advised him not to take his armor, which put the thunder god in a bad place. Need some advice? Don't take Loki's.


King Arthur's secret love child, Mordred was a nasty character. He pretended to be on his dad's side, but really plotted with his mother (King Arthur's half-sister, Morgan) to overthrow the king. He reveals Guinevere's trysts with Arthur's BFF, Lancelot, and loves all the attention he gets as a result. At the battle of Camlann, Mordred and Arthur fought to the death, bringing the golden kingdom to a sad end.

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