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Finn mac Cool - Jilted Lovers

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Jilted Lovers

These dudes have had some serious problems in love. They've been spurned by their women and rejected by the prettiest babes in the kingdom. They spend a lot of their time commiserating over their broken hearts—but at least they have each other.

Hephaestus (Vulcan)

The Greek god of smiths and metalwork, Hephaestus knows a thing or two about errant wives. His spouse, Aphrodite, was the goddess of love, but didn't limit her affections to her hubby. She's cheated with gods and mortals alike. Ouch.


Aggie was betrayed by his wife and queen, Clytemnestra. While he was away at war in Troy, Clytie shacked up with his cousin, Aegisthus, and ignored her own kids. When Agamemnon came home, Clytemnestra pulled a fast one and killed her husband and his lover, Cassandra.

King Arthur

This British lad also has a wife whose eyes stray. His wife, Guinevere, jumped into bed with Arthur's best friend, Lancelot. The two had an affair under Arthur's nose for many years—their secret emerged only with the downfall of Arthur's court at Camelot.

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