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Finn mac Cool Sightings

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Dec 20, 1099 - Dec 20, 1199

The Boyhood Deeds of Finn

This book dishes about all of Finn's mischievous deeds as a kid. It covers his heroic doings from a young age—perfect for a hero-to-be.

Dec 20, 1099 - Dec 20, 1199

The Colloquy of the Elders

Ancient Ireland meets Christianity in this story when Finn's son Oisin takes a road trip across the Emerald Isle with St. Patrick.

Dec 20, 1399 - Dec 20, 1499

Cath Finntrágha

In this anonymous story, Finn faces off against one of his most formidable foes—the King of the World.

Dec 20, 1499 - Dec 20, 1599

The Pursuit of Diarmaid and Grainne

In this story, Finn is off and running, chasing down his ex-friend and his fiancée after they betray him.

Dec 20, 1699 - Dec 20, 1799

The Poems of Ossian

Finn's son—Oisin or Ossian—tells his own story through the voice of poet James MacPherson.

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