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Finn mac Cool - Studs

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The handsomest of gods and heroes gather weekly over lunch and beers to discuss their love of their home country. While chugging Guinness, they chat about sports, High Kings, and the lush pastures where their cows reside.


Quite the ladies' man himself, CĂșchulainn knows what it's like to be a warrior hero. He and Finn commiserate over ladies loved and lost. They also love playing ping-pong every Wednesday and clubbing on the weekends.


Golden-haired and silver-tongued, Apollo, the Greek god of music, light, prophecy, and healing, is a downright charmer. He'll serenade a lady on his lyre or compete against CĂșchulainn and Finn in discus-throwing to show off his muscles. Don't expect him to be faithful, though: this god's got a lot going on.

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