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Gaia (Terra) - Environmental Club

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Environmental Club

Recycle? Bike to school? Compost? Paperless homework assignments? Gaia is president of the Environmental Club. This gang loves to troll the lunch yard, chatting with anyone who will listen about their carbon footprint. Gaia loves Planet Earth, and she wants to make everyone else love and respect it, too. Sometimes, she gets a bit too impassioned and has been known to beat up a kid for not recycling his milk carton. Still, everyone agrees she's the best president the Environmental Club has ever had.

Terra Matter, Tullus (Roman)

Terra Matter literally means "mother earth" and was the Roman version of Gaia – perhaps a friendlier version. Terra Matter was the Roman goddess of earth and all things fertility. Lots of festivals were given in her honor.

Isis (Egyptian)

In Egyptian culture, Isis is a big-time famous deity. She is thought to be one of the original gods, the personification of the throne and of a pharaoh's power. Not bad. She is also associated with funerals and death. And bonus: her son, Horus, is believed to be the first ruler of Egypt (kind of like Gaia's descendants become leaders, too).

Pachamamma (Incan)

Also known as Mamma Pacha, Pachamamma was the Incan version of mother earth. She was associated with fertility and all things having to do with agriculture and the harvests. She also caused earthquakes. Sweet!

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