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Gaia (Terra) - Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

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Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

Gaia's also the liaison to the Parent Teacher Association. She's got her eye on everyone and everything, and she gets along really well with both parents and teachers. In fact, she kind of reminds us of our mom, only a more violent and scary earth-loving version.

Danu (Irish Celtic)

Danu is the Irish Celtic version of mother earth. Just as Gaia gave birth to many important deities, Danu gave birth to some big-time Irish gods, including Dagda – who is pretty much the ruler of all the Irish gods.

Aditi (Hindu)

Aditi is the Hindu goddess of the sky and pretty much the whole entire cosmos. She gave birth to all of the most important Hindu gods. Like Gaia, she's a V.I.G. – a Very Important Grandma.

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